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Dish Network Brings You the Right Entertainment Solution

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For those looking for the very best in TV viewing, look no further. DISH Network has mastered satellite TV, and is now the leading provider of this type of service in the nation. Select the lineup of channels you have been looking for and get the best service available, regardless of where you live in the country. What’s more, DISH is the most affordable option in TV service with a price of less than $2 daily. Get what you want and more for your TV entertainment solution.

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DISH Offers
Impressive Features

With over 14,000,000 subscribers, DISH Network is rising to the forefront as a TV provider that delivers on its promises. Its impressive features have helped build its reputation.


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Complimentary HD Channels

High definition TV channels are the wave of the future. They offer excellent picture quality that is beyond compare. DISH Network brings you more HD channels than any other provider – over 200 channels so you can enjoy crystal clear picture now.

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Complimentary Local Channels

Local channels are always included for no extra charge with DISH Network. You get all the channels near you, so you always know what is happening locally, without having to pay more.

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Complimentary Set-Up and Installation

Your subscription entitles you to complimentary Installation and set-up. With DISH Network, your satellite dish and its indoor components are installed for no extra charge. You can even request a 24 hours rush install.

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The Best HD-DVR Available

The Hopper HD-DVR is the most sophisticated HD DVR available anywhere. That means you can do more than you ever thought. Record shows and watch them at your leisure. Up to 6 shows can be recorded simultaneously. When you play back your recordings, use the most popular feature of the Hopper to hop over the commercials.

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Satellite Internet Service From DISH

In addition to cutting edge TV service, DISH Network also provides high speed satellite Internet service for your home or business. It delivers speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Such speeds allow you to do everything you want to do online easily and without hesitation. Data is capped at 30 GB per month, a level that even heavy users rarely hit. Check out bundle pricing and save on the cost of both satellite TV and satellite Internet.

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