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Since there are only two major players in the United States satellite TV market, it only makes sense that if you’re shopping around for satellite TV service, you will find yourself wondering about the difference between DISH Network and DIRECTV. Comparing the two services on a variety of important factors – price, channel choice, service and technology - will help you see that DISH Network comes out on top every time.

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DISH Network Channels Surpass the Competition

DISH Network has a lineup of TV channels that the competition can’t touch. It even offers most of the popular specialty channels that DIRECTV does not. With more channels than its direct competitors, DISH also surpasses DIRECTV in language options for viewers. While both providers offer multiple options for movies, DISH has more movies available, thanks to the 15 extra movie channels from its DISH Movie Pack, which comes free with most plans for the first 3 months of your new service. And even though DIRECTV boasts the best sports options, when compared in detail, it’s easy to see that the DISH Sports lineup offers an equal amount of sports for less.

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The More Affordable Option - DISH Network

Compare DISH Network and DIRECTV and you will see that prices differ. In both cases, introductory pricing applies to the first year of a two year contract. However, DISH TV offers lower regular prices on similar packages, and usually offers lowers introductory prices also. Depending on the package you choose with DISH, you can save as much as $36 to $432 over the contract period.

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Customer Service from DISH Network is Outstanding

With customer support that is available 24/7, DISH Network outshines DIRECTV in customer care. It clearly sets itself apart with an unshakeable commitment to the highest quality customer service. In surveys ranking call center satisfaction for TV providers, DISH ranked tops over both DIRECTV and all cable companies. DISH Network is the perfect solution for the first time satellite TV subscriber or the existing DIRECTV customer looking for a better option in price, service, and channel selection.

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DISH Network Technology is Superior

Satellite TV service is all about cutting edge technology. Transmission of TV programming via a satellite in space is not a simple process. However, the technology in your home is also vitally important to your enjoyment of your satellite TV service. DISH Network brings you the best technology in the industry, with crystal clear images and the best HD DVR offered anywhere.

The Hopper™ HD DVR is included with most DISH packages and is the leading device of its type on the market today. It allows you to record up to 6 TV programs simultaneously. Its exclusive design allows you to hop over the commercials during playback, a well-loved feature. Enjoy what you want to watch when it’s most convenient for you, without the interruption of commercials.

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